December 19, 2023

Quetta: Pioneering a new era of browser privacy and minimalism

Discover Quetta Browser: Privacy meets simplicity. Enhanced encryption in a minimalist browser for smooth, secure online exploration.


Product Manager, Quetta Networks


Product Manager, Quetta Networks

A Quetta logo and app screenshots
A Quetta logo and app screenshots

Why did we create Quetta Browser?

In the digital age, privacy breaches and ad overload have become the norm for mainstream browsers. In response, our team at Quetta is committed to changing this status quo. We’ve created a browser that not only safeguards user privacy but also simplifies the browsing experience, offering peace of mind in the digital world.

Our ambition goes beyond developing another browser. We aim to redefine the way people experience the web. In this era of information overload, we believe privacy and simplicity should not be luxuries but basic rights for every user.

What makes Quetta Browser a haven for your digital privacy?

Quetta takes a firm stand against any form of user data surveillance. Employing advanced encryption and a suite of privacy protection measures, we ensure that your browsing journey remains both private and secure.

1. Get started without phone or email

Unlike most applications that require email or phone number for login, Quetta Browser is different. Once downloaded, users can start using it immediately, free from the risk of any privacy breach.

2. Comprehensive privacy protection

Privacy is at the core of Quetta Browser, incorporating ad blocking, tracking defense, script blocking, and full-site HTTPS encryption. Additionally, we offer convenient one-click anti-fingerprinting and stop-app-redirection features. Users familiar with Chrome will find Quetta’s functionality seamless and familiar.

3. Powerful AI-based ad blocking

No one likes intrusive ads. Quetta boasts a professional ad-blocking team, utilizing advanced algorithms and the latest data to create the most powerful ad-blocking feature in the industry, ensuring a smooth, ad-free browsing experience.

In addition to enhancing your browsing experience, Quetta Browser’s ad blocker also reduces data usage and accelerates page loading. By filtering out ads, it decreases the amount of data needed for each page, which is particularly beneficial for users with limited data plans. This efficiency also translates into faster loading times, making your online experience quicker and more responsive.

4. Reliable Data Vault

Data Vault is a unique feature of Quetta Browser. Utilizing phone-based fingerprint technology, it protects your favorites, browsing history, downloads, and playlists, ensuring safe browsing and downloading. Even if someone else accesses your phone and browser, your privacy remains secure.

How does Quetta’s minimalism enhance your browsing?

Quetta redefines browser minimalism. We’ve stripped away unnecessary complexities, making each operation simple and efficient. With our newly designed navigation bar and intuitive user interface, we hope to enhance your online experience.

1. Simplifying current browsers

We believe many features are superfluous. What users really need is simple: unobstructed access to web pages. Hence, Quetta simplifies the login process, omits news feeds on the homepage, and contains no ads, retaining only the frequently used settings. Some features appear only when you need them.

2. Redefining the navigation bar

Currently, navigation bars are too similar and complex. Quetta Browser has redesigned the navigation bar with a floating design for an immersive experience and more natural gesture navigation. While it may take some time to get used to, we believe you will love this design for its efficiency and intuitiveness.

3. Unified text, image, and video experience

The Quetta team places a high priority on delivering a consistent and high-quality web browsing experience. To enhance this, we have introduced a playlist feature, allowing users to add videos from web pages to their playlists. Looking ahead, we plan to support picture-in-picture, speed control, background audio playback, and casting, offering users complete control over any video on the web. Additionally, we’ve integrated a video download function, enabling users to download videos directly from web pages for offline viewing.

For text and images, we will also offer reading modes and image browsers for a consistent experience.

Ready for a new browsing experience? Discover Quetta

Quetta is more than just a browser; it’s a bold vision for the future of the digital world. We invite you to download Quetta Browser and experience a more secure, streamlined online browsing environment. Experience our commitment to respecting privacy and enhancing user experience.

iOS users, please be patient as we are working hard to develop the iOS version and will meet you soon.


Product Manager, Quetta Networks