December 20, 2023

A guide to browser privacy

Discover browser privacy with us. Protect your online data in the digital age. Whether you’re surfing the web, shopping, or connecting with friends, let’s ensure your online experience is private and secure.

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Product Manager, Quetta Networks

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Product Manager, Quetta Networks

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Your Privacy First — Privacy is not an option, it’s our foundation — Quetta
Your Privacy First — Privacy is not an option, it’s our foundation — Quetta


In the digital era, protecting personal privacy is crucial. Each time we use a browser, whether for searching, shopping, or socializing, our privacy could be at risk. Understanding these risks and taking appropriate measures is key to safeguarding our online privacy.

Browser privacy risks: origins and forms

1. Inherent risks of the browser

Browsers may track your search history and download records, and data that is not properly protected can be easily leaked.

2. Tracking by websites and third parties

Websites track your behavior through cookies, trackers, and fingerprinting technologies to collect your information. Cookies are small data files stored on your computer by websites to recognize users. Trackers, hidden within web pages, record your browsing actions and preferences. Fingerprinting technology creates a unique “fingerprint” of your online activities based on your device information.

3. Risks from those around you

Friends or family members might inadvertently access your private information when using your mobile browser temporarily.

Strategies to counter browser privacy risks

In facing these browser privacy risks, we have adopted the following measures to enhance privacy protection:

1. Use without a phone number or email

To counter the inherent privacy risks of the browser, Quetta Browser allows users to start using it without providing personal contact information. This reduces the risk of personal information leakage, especially during account creation and login processes.

2. Comprehensive privacy protection

Quetta Browser has implemented a series of comprehensive privacy protection measures. Firstly, its ad-blocking feature not only effectively prevents the loading of ads on web pages, thereby reducing the implantation of tracking codes, but also enhances the user's browsing speed and overall experience.

Next, the tracker defense system specifically targets various types of trackers, including cookies and hidden trackers, to effectively protect users’ online activities from unauthorized third-party tracking.

Additionally, the script-blocking feature can prevent potentially privacy-invading JavaScript code, enhancing the overall security of the browser.

Finally, full-site HTTPS encryption ensures that all website visits are conducted through an encrypted channel, protecting user data from being intercepted or altered during transmission.

3. Reliable Data Vault

To prevent others around you from accessing your private information, Quetta Browser is equipped with the Data Vault feature. This function uses encryption technology to protect sensitive data such as your bookmarks, browsing history, and download records, making it difficult for others to access these private details, even when using your device temporarily.

Quetta Browser: your privacy guardian

Quetta Browser’s Privacy Guard and Data Vault features provide comprehensive privacy protection. From preventing tracking and encrypting data to safeguarding sensitive information, Quetta Browser has it all. Choosing Quetta Browser ensures every step of your online exploration is secure and reliable. Remember, maintaining privacy is an ongoing process, and choosing Quetta is a significant step towards a safer digital life.


Product Manager, Quetta Networks